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Braves Quote For The Day ... "Who Else Would We Have To Include"

I really haven't stopped chuckling to myself since last night -- this trade is hilarious! Here is Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez' public reaction to the trade (and then I'll give you his real reaction):

While eating lunch, Gonzalez received a text from Wren asking if he would be willing to acquire Uggla in exchange for Infante and Dunn. The Braves manager responded by asking who else they would have to include in the package.

When it was learned that the Marlins weren't demanding more in return, Wren and Beinfest began completing the deal that has brought Uggla much closer to his friends and family members in Columbia, Tenn.

"He's pretty excited," Gonzalez said. "We're all pretty excited about this."

"We're all pretty excited?" No, what Fredi really said was something along the lines of, "Oh mother f&^$ yeah! This is highway f&^$%#n robbery, screw those a&$ muchin Marlins in the mother f^%#%$@n a$#." Or something like that. These are the same Marlins, who just fired Fredi, and now they want to trade him their second-best hitter for peanuts. I bet you Gonzalez thought Wren was playing a practical joke on him at first.

There were several cigars smoked in the Gonzalez household last night ... and a lot of maniacal laughter.

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