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Braves Quote For The Day - McCann Speaks The Truth

Our very own Brian McCann had this to say regarding the Phillies signing Cliff Lee:

Obviously it makes the Phillies a better ball club. But I think we have a champ-caliber team. They got better, we got better.

Ain't that the truth? Sure, Cliff Lee will probably be dominant with the Phillies, but let's not forget about just how good our own pitching staff will be. Our 5-man rotation is better than a good majority of the other teams in baseball, and our bullpen is absolutely stacked. And let's not forget we have arguably the #1 pitching prospect in the Minor Leagues who could be ready by the All-Star Break if needed.

Do the Phillies have a hell of a team on paper? You bet. Are they the favorites in the National League? Probably. But let's all wait and see how the games play out before we start declaring the Phillies the kings of the world or something. We have quite a team gathering in Atlanta, and we'll be there all year long.

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