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Things Read in Others Moms' Basements - Around the NL East 12.25.10


Hey you. What are you doing viewing Talking Chop on Christmas? Shouldn't you be with your family or friends, or something holiday-ey like that?

Me? Ha, I'm on pre-scheduled posting. Plenty of rest for the wicked, today. Welcome to another week of Things Read in Other Moms' Basements.


Rick Ankiel signs one-year deal with Nationals - MLB
You know, as unsatisfactory most of us Braves fans felt towards Rick Ankiel, for the Nationals, this actually isn't a very bad move. One year, $1.5M. Although the article discusses him competing for the LF spot, I actually wouldn't be surprised if he supplants Nyjer Morgan for the starting CF job. Like Morgan, he brings good range and good speed. Despite the numbers and strikeouts, Ankiel still has passable OBP, and most importantly, he has the potential for way more power than Morgan could possibly dream about having.

Reliever Sean Burnett signs two-year extension - WaPo
One of the better relievers on the Nationals, Sean Burnett signs a two-year deal with an option on a third year that can essentially buy out his arbitration years. $3.7M for the two years, and a $250,000 buyout if the option is declined.

Stephen Strasburg ahead of schedule, but nobody's saying it - WaPo
He could feasibly start throwing before Spring Training, and actually start a rehab assignment in middle of the summer, setting him up for an August-September comeback. But nobody's saying anything about it "for Stephen's sake," not to mention the hopes and dreams of all other Nationals fans.

Nationals make earnest effort to acquire Zack Grienke, turned down - WaPo
Personally, I don't think this is that bad for the Nats. The Brewers were asking for a lot from the Natinoals (Zimmermann (the pitcher, with two "n's"), probably Espinosa, and Wilson Ramos, along with a prospect or two), but then Grienke exercised a trade-block to the Nationals, citing the Brewers had a better chance to win, and went to them instead for Alcides Escobar, and three prospects, one of them being Lorenzo Cain.

Baseball America's Top-10 Nationals Prospect list - Baseball America
Naturally, Bryce Harper tops the list, but looking at this list, I see 4-5 names that will likely see big-league time in 2011, be it in the middle, or a cup of coffee in September. Harper will probably get a cup in September, but Espinosa and Ramos will likely be starting players for the big club, and guys like Marrero and possibly Norris could see some time at 1B if the team can't acquire a free agent, I wouldn't even rule out LHP Sammy Solis, either from making a cameo.

Matt Chico DFA'd, sent to AAA, invited to big-league camp - MLB
I have a lot of respect for Matt Chico, who endured some really bad Nationals seasons in 2007 and 2008, being one of the more reliable and dependable pitchers on the team, until elbow injuries shelved him for the better part of the last two seasons. He wouldn't be any better than a fifth starter for most any other team, but if there's ever a guy that deserves a little bit of good fortune, it's Chico.



Ricky Nolasco signs three-year extension with Marlins - MLB
With 54 victories, he is second, all-time in the Marlins record books. At the rate he's going, he should catch and maybe pass Dontrelle Willis' diminutive all-time record of 68 wins by the tail end of next season. The skinny is three years, $26.5M with incentives based on innings pitched.

Baseball America's Top-10 Marlins prospects - Baseball America
The guy number one on the list is one guy to possibly predict seeing in 2011. With the general lack of third-basemen on the Marlins' depth chart, Matt Dominguez should have a logical chance to win the job in Spring Training, unless the Marlins completely 86 him for Super-2 reasons. The book on Dominguez at this moment is that he's more glove than bat, but on a team with the offensive capabilities of Hanley, Stanton, Morrison and Sanchez, he might not be relied upon for offense as primarily.

Best toaster ever, if you're a Marlins fan - Fish Stripes
Would this be considered a good Christmas gift, if you're one of the twelve Marlins fans?



Canadians still hung up on Roy Halladay, write songs about him - MLB
A country song by a Blue Jays fan about a boy who longs to get a glove with Roy Halladay's autograph on it. Well, it's certainly going to be a lot harder now that he's dominating in Philadelphia instead of Toronto.

Braves snag now former Phillies prospect - Beerleaguer
Pitcher Yohan Flande was released from the Phillies, when they had to make room for a prospect they took from the Nationals in the Rule 5 Draft. The Braves were quick to take Flande to a minor league deal and Spring Training invitation. He spent all of last season in AA-Reading, and started 27 games, going 10-8 with a 4.38 ERA.

With Abobo deal off the table, Phillies look to re-acquire J.C. Romero - Beerleaguer
The guy they let walk after he declined arbitration, now the Phillies need him, since they still don't have a reliable lefty in the bullpen.



It's the holidays, so laugh - The Apple
The only Mets link I've bothered to share is one that of humor, brought to us by The Apple. Naturally, "Mets" and "humor" involve, you guessed it, Oliver Perez. And how he was the original inventor of Million Dollar Cash Drop.

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