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Winter Meetings Braves-Related Open Thread: Day 3

Yesterday was a yawner for the Braves. After a flurry of rumors on Monday, we got bupkis yesterday. It does look like Wren is getting closer to moving Kenshin Kawakami.

"We know who has interest in him. I would say there's a healthy interest in him."

Sounds like he's surveyed the field, and now he's seeing how much he can get. I'm probably being too optimistic, but it sounds like maybe we won't have to pay as much of his salary as we thought. That's just wishful thinking, though. I really want the Braves to have that additional payroll flexibility. I wonder if they can take whatever salary they do end up having to pay him and write it off as a loss. Curious.

Matt Diaz signed a two-year deal with the Pirates yesterday. Good for him, but curious for the Pirates. Their moves always shock me and make me say to myself, "huh?"

Today's the last full day of the Winter Meetings. Let's get some action!

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