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Braves at Astros 3/14: Photo Game Recap

It was a delightful day at Osceola County Stadium as the Braves took on the Astros. If you liked offense, then this was the day for you as both teams pounded out a combined 30 hits, and Brian McCann had two homeruns. I'll try and re-tell the game story with the photos I took.

The first photo below is a batting practice photo showing some of the Minor League guys. From left to right are Eric Duncan, Robby Hefflinger, Mycal Jones, Matt Kennelly, some unknown player, and Donnell Linares. I love this shot because of all the high uniform numbers -- truly something you only see at spring training.

The unknown guy never got in the game, so I never found out who he was. Hefflinger was another guy without his name on the uniform, and I was remarking at who the big guy was when this older man sitting behind me said, "that's my son." I struck up a nice conversation throughout the game with Robby Hefflinger's father and girlfriend, who were both thrilled to watch their son get a hit.



Here is the "View From My Seat," Osceola County Stadium, Braves at Astros, 3/14/10, 1:05pm, top of the first


George H. W. Bush (#41) was in attendance watching the Astros. Barb is to his right.


Kenshin Kawakami looked good for a few innings, then looked like donkey in the fourth. Of course, that inning was helped along by a Donnell Linares Buckner-esque error on the first batter, then an infield single. He kind of unraveled after that, and couldn't get the final out. I still think it was a fairly good day for Kawakami.


Troy Glaus is a monster, and looked good at the plate.


Omar Infante hit everything in sight today, and looks to have pulled himself out of his spring training funk with a 3-for-3 day. I didn't take any pictures of Nate McLouth, but he looked downright awful in his at-bats, putting down a bad bunt and then striking out twice and looking totally over-matched.


Roger McDowell pulled KK in the fourth and brought on...


Manny Acosta, who promptly coughed up two back-to-back homeruns -- and they weren't cheap homeruns either, they were both crushed.


Brian McCann hits his second of two homeruns.


Jonny Venters got in the game and looked fantastic about 90% of the time -- the other 10% he looked pretty wild, but that's a big improvement for him.


Eric Duncan has an interesting swing. I believe he corkscrewed himself into the ground on this one, of course, he could have been in pain, as you can see the ball about to hit off his foot.


Mycal Jones looked fantastic in his two plate appearances, which both resulted in hits.


Robby Hefflinger scorched a hit in his only at-bat. He looks very comfortable at the plate. He also hit a mammoth batting practice homerun... I feel extra-good about him as a prospect after today.


Hefflinger at first base next to Glenn Hubbard. As you can see, Heff is a huge kid.


Chris Resop pitched a couple of innings and wiggled his way out of trouble in each.


Wes Timmons was hit by two pitches and struck out to end the game.

And the final pictures below are of Craig Kimbrel and his funky delivery.




I hope you enjoyed my photo game recap. I'll be at the minor league fields tomorrow morning, and then at the game in Viera tomorrow night.

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