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Day at Braves Spring Camp and Peter Moylan is Awesome

It was an early morning for me at Atlanta Braves spring training camp, as I got up early to watch some of the action on the minor league fields. I ran into TC regular rbravesfan as well as Bill Shanks and the G-Braves radio announcer Tony Schiavone. The players were in full drill mode, so there wasn't much standing around and idle chat time.

The minor leaugers got done early so I headed over to the major league fields. Below is a photo recap of my morning and afternoon, with a a lot of that crazy Peter Moylan.


A bunch of minor league pitchers huddle up before a workout. Van Pope is actually among them... yes, he is now a pitcher, and he will apparently start the year at Myrtle Beach.


Little Jonathan Schuerholz, who is now a coach with the Braves, talks with the elder Jon Schuerholz and Braves GM Frank Wren.


Kris Medlen and Peter Moylan arrive at the park... and already look like they're up to something.


Peter cracks up Med.


Med's like a little kid.


Matt Diaz apparently has not yet found a bat to his liking.


Billy Wagner prepares to talk with Hazel Mae from's 30 Clubs in 30 Days, but of course Peter Moylan has to get a few words in.


Moylan popped out of the dugout when they needed someone to turn the DP at second when Chipper and Glaus were practicing.


Turning it like a pro.


Medlen was in good spirits throughout the afternoon.


Matt Diaz was also in good spirits.


Chipper Jones and Troy Glaus talked for a long time about making that throw to first on a ball that the third baseman has to come charging in on. The two of them hang out a lot together. They were paling around at yesterday's Astros-Braves game and they spent pretty much the entire practice time today working together.


Moylan cracks up Lee Hyde and some other player during workouts (of which Moylan didn't do much of).


Moylan still working out his mouth instead of his body.


That right there is Scott Proctor, who threw quite a few pitches off the mound, and looked good doing so.


A bunch of players, including Tommy Hanson, signed for the fans after the workout.

The game is tonight against the Nationals in Viera. I'll make the hour-long trek over there, though don't shoot me if I don't stay until the end. I've got a long day tomorrow, as I'll finally have press access and will hopefully have some solid information from the clubhouse.

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