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Spring Training Open Thread: Braves at Nationals

I'm about to pick myself up off the couch and make the drive to Viera to see the Braves take on the Nationals. I'm worn out from a full day in the Florida sun -- that stuff will drain you, and I tried my best to stay in the shade (being the pasty white boy that I am).

I'm excited to see Jason Heyward, who will be in the lineup tonight. I'm less excited to see Derek Lowe, who will be on the mound. I'll once again be sending some pithy updates via Twitter, so make sure you open up my twitter page and refresh often, or check the right sidebar of Talking Chop, where my Twitter feed auto-updates. Really, I won't have too many comments, just enough to make it interesting. I'll also try to once again take plenty of pictures and get back in time to post them suckas.

The Nationals, by the way, are win-less this spring -- 0-for-freaking-10. I know spring records usually don't mean anything, but that goose egg has to start gnawing at the Nats at some point. Let's hope the Braves don't help them out tonight.

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