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The View From Your Seat


Space Coast Stadium, Braves vs. Nationals, 3/15/10, 7:05pm, top of the first

This was the view from My seat actually. I got a great scalped ticked in row 5 for $11. I didn't get too many other shots due to the screen being in the way and messing up my camera's focus. The only other one I want to share is this one of Nate McLouth and Terry Pendleton chatting by the screen after Nate made an out in the first inning. They're actually talking while Jason Heyward is batting; I'm not sure if they're talking about him and if TP is using Jay-Hey as an example for Nate -- that would be crazy -- or if it was just a coincidence that they were talking during his at-bat.


Nate did look better in his second at-bat, in which he drove the ball all the way to the center field wall. Still, he couldn't find a hit tonight. Martin Prado looked good with a line-drive homerun in the first, and Brian McCann took the hardest hit 0-fer on the night. Derek Lowe was the real champ, he was essentially perfect through four innings of work, and he had the strikeout working both called and missing bats. Now if only he can do that every time out...

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