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Braves Making the Team Meter 2010: Week 4

This week we combine the pitchers and the hitters into one big MTM. If you're looking for last week's MTM's go here. The Braves made their first roster cuts, and most of those players were already cut from the MTM, so it was no one unexpected. Those roster cuts can be found here.

Player, Position This Week's Trend Last Week Notes and Comments
Brooks Conrad, 2B
He is looking like the front runner for the backup infield spot. He's neck and neck offensively with Thurston, but it may be his spectacular defense that is giving him an edge.
Gregor Blanco, OF
I would imagine that he's still in camp merely as a backup for the later innings. He hasn't been getting any significant playing time.
Brandon Hicks, SS
He's looked really good in the field, and okay at the plate. I've gotta think that Bobby's keeping him around to get extra looks at him for a possible mid-year call-up. Still, he'll probably be in the next round of cuts.
Joe Thurston, 2B
Right there with Conrad, and rightfully deserving of a roster spot as a backup, but ultimately he'll likely be the backup to the backup at Gwinnett. We'll keep his chances at even though, as a lot can happen in the last couple of weeks.
Brent Clevlen, OF
He's just not doing anything with his playing time this spring. He keeps getting chances, but he's not getting hits.
Jason Heyward, OF
His hand is twice the size of my hand... but I'm sure that's the only thing.
Mitch Jones, OF
Still with just one hit on the spring. I imagine he's in the next round of cuts.
Matt Young, OF
The little guy survived the first round of cuts, but he probably won't survive the second.
Player, Position This Week's Trend Last Week Notes and Comments
Manny Acosta, RHP
Okay, so all that early spring hype about Manny was just that... hype. He's come back down to earth and shown his true colors of bullpen combustibility.
Jesse Chavez, RHP
He's out to prove it's not how you start spring training, it's how you finish it. He's been good the last couple of times out and it looks like he's earning his role back.
Michael Dunn, LHP
Much like Chavez, he's working his way back into the role that was supposed to be his.
Mariano Gomez, LHP
He's been way too hittable this spring. I think he might be in the next round of cuts.
Craig Kimbrel, RHP
I'm going to keep on keeping him on the bubble at 50-50. He hasn't stumbled this spring, and everyone wants to see what he can ultimately do. While I'm being optimistic, he will likely be cut, as he could probably use some more minor league experience, but stranger things have happened.
Jeff Lyman, RHP
He survived the first round of cuts and he's done really well this spring. He throws again today, so we'll see if he can keep on sticking around.
Scott Proctor, RHP
He threw simulated innings on back to back days for the first time early in the week, and he'll get into his first Grapefruit League game this Friday. I really think Bobby wants him in the bullpen when the bell rings.
Jo-Jo Reyes, LHP
Jo-Jo regressed a bit last week, but he's still got a chance at a bullpen role. He pitches on Sunday.
Jonny Venters, LHP
A lot of talk about this young kid who keeps doing all the right things. He's another arm in the mix, though he's probably still behind Dunn and Reyes.
Arrow Key:
= Chance of making the team is waffling or 50-50.
= Chance of making the team is trending down.
= Chance of making the team is trending up.

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