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A Braves Right Fielder... with Patience

A lot of Braves fans may have forgotten what it was like to watch an Atlanta right fielder take a walk or show above average plate discipline. We're used to watching our right fielder go the entire month of May with only one walk... and the entire month of July with only one walk (and that was intentional). Yes Atlanta fans, the era of the all-or-nothing swing from our right fielder may actually be over.

The free-wheeling Jeff Francoeur Era was so bad that we even had to create a stat to track it called SENAPS:

Approach to

Put all that behind you. Get it out of your mind, because our new right fielder -- the Jay-Hey Kid -- just spend the first game of spring training going 1-for-1 with 2 walks. And the scary thing is, that's not an anomaly, that's just the way Jason Heyward approaches every at-bat. He also stole a base, and almost stole another.

Oh, and the Braves lost their first Grapefruit League game to the Mets, but Tommy Hanson and Kris Medlen pitched well.

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