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I have to admit it - I think baseball addiction is becoming a problem in my household. My family loves baseball. My son plays baseball. I'm a native Atlantan and a life-long Braves fan. I've sat in the top row of Atlanta-Fulton County stadium when there probably weren't 500 people in the entire place ('cause that's where your seats were when you got free tickets for getting all A' We now live in a town with the low-A franchise (come visit - it's totally awesome!!) pretty much everything revolves around baseball now.....

So....when everyone started telling me how AWESOME spring training is, I just still wasn't convinced. How fun could it be to chase a 7 yr old all over an enormous sports complex for an entire week???!!! Well...let me tell you.....IT WAS TOTALLY AMAZING !!!! The accessiblity of players, both major and minor leagures was insane, and it was by far one of the best weeks ever. I'm not much of a writer, so I'm gonna try and just let the pictures speak for themselves. I met Gondee and CB (and one of his friends), and it was really nice to put faces with names. It was the best. Some of the pics had a little late-afternoon sun issue going on that I couldn't see at the time, but I hope you like them. Save your mone and go!!!! It's SOOOOO worth it. Rbravesfan :-)


Freddie Freeman is REALLY TALL !!!

Mac attack!!!


My favorite picture. Too bad I bumped the setting on my camera and the lighting is awful. :-(


You know who....


The view from my seat - vs. Marlins, Tuesday, March 16


Scott Proctor (this guy works SUPER!!)

Jordan Schafer


Billy Wagner


Jair Jurrjens


Troy Glaus


Brandon Hicks


Glaus's INSANE averge at the beginning of the Marlin's game last week.....


Check out what's left of the bat. We saw this a LOT, in both the majors and the minors.


David Ross


Takashi Saito

If you made it this far, thanks. If you are interested, there are lots more. They are roughly sorted into MLB and MiLB albums now....Atlanta Braves Spring Training 2010 and Braves MiLB Spring Training 2010.

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