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Braves Quote For The Day

From a Mark Bowman article about Brian McCann's three-hit, two-homerun performance off of a left-handed pitcher:

Phillies left-hander J.A. Happ entered Wednesday afternoon's game against the Braves with no reason to believe that Brian McCann had spent the morning hours making adjustments to a swing that had enabled him to hit .440 during the 10 previous games he had played during the Grapefruit League season. [...]

With the help of Braves hitting coach Terry Pendleton and Chipper Jones, McCann has been working hard to develop a shorter swing.

I love that a guy like McCann doesn't just rest on his laurels when he's going good. He will hitting over .400, but he realized he wasn't getting to everything that he should be getting to, so he sought to make adjustments. This is something that we never heard guys like Andruw Jones or Jeff Francoeur doing, or a whole cadre of other Braves players in recent years. They only made adjustments when they were having bad spells at the plate (and usually only after prodding from others). McCann is a rare creature. I also like the fact that Chipper is in there helping Mac just as much at TP. It's like having two hitting coaches on the team.

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