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Braves Quote For The Day: Salt and Pepper

From a Mark Bowman piece on Atlanta Braves phenom Jason Heyward:

According to Freeman, the only time he has seen his close friend antsy or frustrated during the past couple of weeks has come during those instances when he hasn't been able to watch what he wants at their Spring Training residence.

"He doesn't like my 'American Idol,'" Freeman said. "He wants his sports. We play sports, so sometimes I like to watch something else. I'm always the one with the clicker. So that's not my fault. He should choose what I choose. If he wanted it so bad, he would take the remote."

It's like Frenchy and McCann all over again with the uber-familiarity and awkward living arrangements. Let's just hope they don't buy a house together and then get matching dogs... wasn't it matching dogs? Someone help me here.

By the way, if you read that whole article there are very few actual quotes from Heyward. He's not a guy who gives a great interview. He's a man of very few words and those words are usually exactly what you would expect with no exaggeration or extra words. Also, you'll see a lot of Matt Diaz quotes in pieces about other people. That's because he's readily available quite often in the clubhouse and is always willing to jabber with the beat writers. I've got a bunch of good quotes from Matty that I need to transcribe. I'll get to that this weekend.

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