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Spring Training Open Thread: Tigers at Braves

We get another televised game today, once again on ESPN, as the Braves host the Tigers. You can bet that the ESPN announcers will be talking about our right fielder non-stop for at least the first hour. I'm actually okay with that.

Melky Cabrera, LF
Martin Prado, 2B
Chipper Jones, 3B
Brian McCann, C
Troy Glaus, 1B
Jason Heyward, RF
Nate McLouth, CF
Omar Infante, SS
Derek Lowe, P

Following Derek Lowe on the mound will be Billy Wagner, Takashi Saito, and Scott Proctor. Meanwhile, Peter Moylan and Jo-Jo Reyes will appear on the backfields in a hi-A Myrtle Beach game against the Nationals' team.

I need to find a bar near my office with the game on and go watch for my lunching hour (or hours).

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