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Braves Making the Team Meter 2010: Pitchers, Week 2

Making the Team Meter for the Atlanta Braves pitchers for week 2 of spring training shows us what the talk has been about early in spring training. Go here for week 1 of the pitchers edition MTM. I added a new column this week and hopefully refined the chart just a bit (I always welcome constructive criticism).

Player, Position This Week's Trend Last Week Notes and Comments
Juan Abreu, RHP
I was surprised to see Bill Ballew rank him 20th among Braves prospects in Baseball America's 2010 Prospect Handbook. He says that a contract snafu with the Royals allowed Abreu to become a free agent and the Braves landed him because they offered him a Major League contract. Abreu can reportedly reach 100mph with his fastball at times.
Manny Acosta, RHP
With a lot of early talk about Chavez and Proctor likely being ready for the season, that puts Acosta further down the depth chart. His chances are still waffling after a so-so outing in his first spring game.
Jesse Chavez, RHP
No one apparently impressed Bobby Cox more the first day of camp more than Chavez, though Jesse didn't have a good first appearance in his first spring game. I'll put his chances at 50-50 right now, until he gets his control back.
Kyle Cofield, RHP
Like Abreu being ranked in the Braves top-30 prospects by Baseball America, Cofield was ranked 24th ahead of guys like Ortegano and Diamond. He is described as very raw with good, but inconsistent stuff. He still has a bunch of potential, and that's why he was protected on the 40-man roster. If he can harness his stuff, he may be able to come out of nowhere like Charlie Morton did a few years ago.
Erik Cordier, RHP
He'll get his first look on Thursday when he pitches in relief.
Michael Dunn, LHP
Apparently Dunn has had control problems early in spring training, and that is causing some to doubt he will make the team. He's still a bit raw as a pitcher and could use some more time in the minors. Those control problems showed themselves in his first spring game.
Mariano Gomez, LHP
With Dunn struggling early, Gomez could work his way into the Braves bullpen mix as the second LOOGY.
Lee Hyde, LHP
Of the young kids on the Braves roster, Hyde has one of the better shots at making the team, and that could get a little better with Dunn struggling.
Craig Kimbrel, RHP
There has been a lot of positive talk about Kimbrel this spring. If he has figured out his control problems he could be worth a look.
Jeff Lyman, RHP
Lyman gets his first spring action today.
Stephen Marek, RHP
Marek also sees his first spring action today.
Kris Medlen, RHP
Medlen pitched well yesterday, throwing two innings of one-hit ball. He looked sharp for this early in spring. We may be able to take him off of here next week, as it's not a matter of if he makes the team, just a matter of where.
Mike Minor, LHP
Reports have him working on his secondary pitches this spring with an eye towards starting the season in the middle minors.
Jose Ortegano, LHP
He won't get into a game until Saturday.
James Parr, RHP
Parr was scheduled to pitch yesterday, but he didn't get in the game, though he was warming up in the bullpen in the ninth.
Scott Proctor, RHP
According to Bobby Cox, he might be ready to start the season as he is ahead of schedule in his return from TJ surgery, and could be ready at the start of the season.
Todd Redmond, RHP
We'll see him for the first time on Friday. I may have a bit too optimistic about his last week, we'll move him down a notch.
Chris Resop
Resop's homerun problems reared their head in the first spring game, as he gave up a solo homer in his inning of work.
Jo-Jo Reyes, LHP
It was a big indictment of Reyes when he was passed over as the spot starter in the rotation while Jurrjens is out this spring in favor of Medlen. This proves that he is below Medlen on the depth chart, and tells me that the Braves don't expect Reyes to see the Majors in 2010 if they can help it.
Luis Valdez, RHP
He is not listed as one of the pitchers scheduled to pitch through Saturday. I wonder if they're just holding him back, or if something is wrong -- nagging injury or the like.
Jonny Venters, LHP
Venters finds himself listed 30th among the Braves top prospects in the Baseball America Prospect Handbook. He's doesn't have too much upside, but he could prove to be useful in the bullpen at some point.
Arrow Key:
= Chance of making the team is waffling or 50-50.
= Chance of making the team is trending down.
= Chance of making the team is trending up.

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