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Community Projections: Braves Infielders

During the last week of spring training I  thought it would be a fun exercise to project what we think each Braves player will do this season, and then we'll take a look at the end of the season and see how we all did. In thinking of what we should project I didn't want to get too detailed in our projections, so I'm keeping it simple. For each batter we will project three things, Average, OPS, and HR. You can argue with me all day long about how superficial some of those stats are, but they are accessible to just about everyone, so that should allow us to get more participation.

Your task for each player listed below is to guess their 2010 AVG, OPS, and HR total. Just copy and paste this list of players into your comment and write your guesses next to them (see mine after the jump for how to do it). Remember that these are your guesses, and while they should be grounded in sanity, there is no wrong or right answer. The tough task will be to take off the fan goggles and try and look at these players objectively.

Brian McCann
Troy Glaus
Martin Prado
Yunel Escobar
Chipper Jones
Eric Hinske
Omar Infante
David Ross

My guesses are after the jump.

gondeee's projections

Brian McCann - .305 / .898 / 25
Troy Glaus - .265 / ..885 / 34
Martin Prado - .293 / .795 / 14
Yunel Escobar - .295 / .825 / 21
Chipper Jones - .301 / .875 / 23
Eric Hinske - .258 / .805 / 12
Omar Infante - .298 / .735 / 4
David Ross - .235 / .790 / 9

Commentary about my projections:  I was bullish on McCann and Glaus, and I was pretty bearish on the rest of the infielders, though not terribly below or above their career numbers. It was hard not to put some gaudy numbers down for Chipper, but I truly think he'll be right around his career marks, or slightly below. The OPS for him is going to be hurt by a lack of power. Overall, I don't think I did too much overreaching, maybe with Glaus' homerun numbers, but that's it.

Tomorrow we'll project the outfielders.

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