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Community Projections: Braves Outfielders

Much like yesterday when we projected the AVG, OPS, and HRs for the Braves infielders, today we'll tackle the Braves outfield. A lot of this will obviously be due to how much playing time each player will get.

Copy and paste the below players into a comment and guess their 2010 AVG, OPS, and HR total.

Nate McLouth
Matt Diaz
Melky Cabrera
Jason Heyward

My guesses are after the jump.

Nate McLouth - .285 / .870 / 24
Matt Diaz - .325 / .870 / 15
Melky Cabrera - .279 / .735 / 12
Jason Heyward - .311 / .845 / 22

Commentary:  I think McLouth will improve on his 2008 numbers and rebound from his injury-riddled 2009. Diaz and Melky will stay about the same, and Heyward will come on in the second half of the season.

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