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Brian McCann Makes an Appearance on Some Sports Illustrated Covers This Week

Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann will appear on some covers in the South East region of the US. Roy Halladay will be the cover player nation-wide, but the "masthead" player will change per region. I was a little concerned yesterday when I thought that McCann could get the SI cover jinx, but I think a little appearance like this does not warrant a jinx. Now Halladay on the other hand...

Oh, and SI does pick the Braves to win the NL Wild Card, but then they have us losing in the first round the Rockies. As a side note, the cover story is by Tom Verducci. I met him when I was down in Orlando a couple of weeks ago for spring training; sat near him in the press box. He's a real cool guy, very down to Earth for a big-time national sports writer.


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