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Braves Don't Want Edgar Osuna Back

The Kansas City Royals sent lefty Edgar Osuna to the minor leagues today after offering him back to the Atlanta Braves. The Braves however, "declined to the opportunity to accept him back" according to Bob Dutton of Royals Report. Osuna was taken by the Royals in this winter's Rule-5 draft after Atlanta chose to protect guys like Jonny Venters, Jeff Lyman, and Jose Ortegano over Osuna.

He had a terrible spring training, giving up 12 earned runs on 13 hits and 4 walks in 10 innings, so it's no wonder the Braves didn't want him back as just about all of the other young Braves pitchers did better than him this spring. It is interesting why the Braves didn't try and work out a trade, assuming Osuna has any value at this point. Still, giving up on a guy you scouted and developed is a bit weird, but I guess the Braves have their reasons.

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