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Braves Making the Team Meter 2010: Hitters, Week 2

Making the Team Meter for the Atlanta Braves hitters for week 2 of spring training shows us what the talk has been about early in spring training. Go here for week 1 of the hitters MTM. I'll be taking some people off the list this week. I've already removed Diory Hernandez, due to the injury which will keep him out of commission for half a season.

Player, Position This Week's Trend Last Week Notes and Comments
Clint Sammons, C
Same 'ol Sammy, he'll get a few hits this spring, but unless there is an injury to McCann or Ross he'll be back in triple-A. I'd like to see him do well, just in case we need him, he'll be that much better. We'll take him off this list after this week, as there's no real reason to assume he has a chance without an injury.
Brooks Conrad, 2B
The injury to Hernandez can only help Brooks. He'll have to compete for that last bench spot with other pinch hitter-types like M. Jones and Clevlen too. He's shown good defense in the first two games.
Gregor Blanco, OF
He went 0-for in his first game, and we haven't heard a thing about him this spring. Remember all the good things we were hearing about him during the WBC last spring.
Jordan Schafer, OF
They've pretty much told Schafer that he'll be starting in Gwinnett. That, combined with their prescription to take it easy and lay off all the extra hitting he likes to do, and we'll take him off the list after this week. Nice spring or not, the team is going to give Schafer time in triple-A.
Frederick Freeman, 1B
We'll remove Freeman from this list after this week as well. Glaus is the guy at first base, at least to start the season.
Brandon Hicks, SS
The first and only homerun of the spring belongs to Hicks, and so does the first and only error (of course, that was aided by the sun in his eyes). He's been impressing folks this spring; he might be ready for a big rebound this year. We'll keep him on here for a little longer and see how his spring goes.
Joe Thurston, 2B
With the injury to Hernandez, there is an opening for a guy like this. He needs to show his versatility while putting up good numbers at the plate.
Brent Clevlen, OF
He got some praise from Cox, who liked his play in the outfield. He also had a good day at the plate and on the base paths in game 2. He's definitely jumped ahead of M. Jones on the pinch hitting depth chart.
Jason Heyward, OF
I'm still trying to find out who this is... I've been told he's damaged some cars.
Cody Johnson, OF
He's just here to get a taste of the bigs. We'll take him off the list after this week.
Mitch Jones, OF
He did not look good in game 1, but it is only one game. Still, we'll put him behind Clevlen at this point. He was supposed to be a bit of Heyward insurance, but it looks like that won't be necessary.
Matt Young, OF
Great to see Matt getting a look this spring. We'll keep him on here to see what he does and if he can wiggle his way into a backup role, though he's on the outside looking in.
Arrow Key:
= Chance of making the team is waffling or 50-50.
= Chance of making the team is trending down.
= Chance of making the team is trending up.

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