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Braves Prospect Delgado Out for Season

I'll admit that headline is a bit mean, as the Delgado in question is Dimasther Delgado, not Randall Delgado. According to Braves broadcaster Jim Power, "[Dimasther] suffered serious injuries in an auto accident in the offseason including a broken femur. Should make full recovery by next year."

Like the higher ranked Randall Delgado, Dimasther is a young Panamanian pitcher who is ranked 12th in the Braves system by Baseball America, and 14th by Talking Chop.

The Braves pitching depth at the lower minor league levels is so deep that it will easily tolerate a loss like this. Still, I hope that Delgado is able to return to pro baseball with the same success he's had the last few years.

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