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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Gets A Heyward Bump

The optimism of Braves fans continues to climb in the early days of spring training, helped along by the good showing of the starting pitchers this spring and by the young phenom who would become the team's new right fielder. Surely the bump in the fan confidence from 75 to 77 is an reflection of the work that Jason Heyward has done at the plate this spring. While we knew he might be a factor, now we have reason to believe that he will be an impact player sooner rather than later.

This was the fifth straight two-week period of increase in the Fan Confidence Poll (FCP). Back in December the rating stood at 65, the low point of the off-season. Since then it has risen slowly but steadily each week, and now finds itself at the highest point it has ever been at since the inception of the poll one year ago. Naturally this time of year is the most optimistic, and the FCP is certainly reflective of that optimism.


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