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Introducing: The View From Your Seat

As a new on-going feature here at Talking Chop, throughout the 2010 season, send me a picture of your seat at a Braves game (Major League or Minor League). Don't try to get too fancy, just take a picture once the game starts and email me. It can be a view of the field, the scoreboard, the stands, or whatever strikes your fancy while sitting in your seat at a ballgame. Make sure you include the exact time and date the picture was taken and what half of the inning it was taken in. Your photo will then be posted on Talking Chop. By sending your photos, you grant Talking Chop full rights to publish and edit them as we see fit. The email address to send these photos to is martingandy at gmail dot com.

Try to make it a photo taken in the past 24 hours.

The idea is to bring everyone a little closer to the action at the ballpark, and along the way I hope to stumble upon some pretty terrific photos that remind us why we're all baseball fans.

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