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MARTA to Cancel Braves Shuttle in 2011

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Getting to a Braves game just got a bit harder for some folks. According to, the 2011 MARTA budget includes cuts to a number of bus routes, service hours, and most importantly for Braves fans, it includes the elimination of the MARTA Braves Shuttle.

The Shuttle runs before and after each game to take fans to and from Turner Field and Five Points MARTA Station where they catch the train out to their comfy suburbs. While it makes taking MARTA to the games very convenient, the shuttle is a complete waste of money on the part of MARTA. The cost comes from having to pay drives overtime while they idle during the game.

As much as the Braves have enjoyed their considerable rise in attendance this season, they can expect that increase to take a major hit if the MARTA shuttles are canceled. Obviously, this is all because of the silly oversight when MARTA was laid out, not to include the then Atlanta Fulton County Stadium on any route (and this is when the Braves and the Falcons played there, and they had concerts there all the time).

We'll see if the Braves organization applies any pressure to get this decision reversed. They might have to kick in some money to help fund the shuttle, or raise the price of the shuttle, making it less appealing.