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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Levels Out

After three straight weeks of gain (to the point of surging), the Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Poll made a slight course correction en route to what is likely a leveling off. The confidence went from 82% to 80% this week, helped by the tough play of the NL West and the perception that the Braves bats are starting to cool down.

This is probably a good course correction, as we don't want to seem overly confident in our team. After all, there are still some major holes and question makes in both the lineup, rotation, and bullpen. Over the next week the Braves will face the best and the worst of the American League, as they tee off against the first place Rays and Twins, and the second-to-last-place Royals.

If the team plays good and wins series against these team, then we should see the fan confidence go up. On the other hand, it could be a rough week. Playing two tough teams in the Rays and Twins will tell us if this Braves team can hang with other first place clubs.


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