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More On A Possible Braves' Chris Resop Trade

Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports has some more information on what the Braves will do with Chris Resop:

The trade market for Braves minor leaguer Chris Resop has yet to develop. Perhaps that will change, given his performance Thursday in the final start prior to his June 15 out clause. [...]

One way or the other, Resop should be in the big leagues soon. The Braves have determined that they won’t lose him without getting something in return.

We reported here yesterday that the Braves were indeed trying to trade Chris Resop, and if they couldn't they would likely call him up to the Majors. That was reinforced by his one-hit shutout yesterday in a dominating performance over Norfolk. It's good to hear it said that the Braves won't lose him without getting something in return. (And hopefully by "something" they mean a good prospect or a useful bat of some kind.)

I imagine a lot of what happens may depend on the near-term status of Nate McLouth. This is because to re-call Resop the Braves will have to open up a spot on their 40-man roster. If they have to DL McLouth, their first choice would probably be to activate Brent Clevlen off the DL if he is ready. If he is not ready, then the only other outfield option on the 40-man roster is Jordan Schafer, who they probably don't want to, but might have to call up to take his spot. I get the feeling though, that the Braves don't want to call Schafer up to the Majors this season, and save an option on him. If not Schafer, then they would have to put another outfielder on the 40-man roster to call him up to the Majors. Though I suppose they could opt to recall Brandon Hicks, and let Omar Infante play some outfield if need be (like he did last night).

CB was at yesterday's game in Norfolk and got to talk to Resop, he should have a story up soon.

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