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Braves Take Another Shortstop In the 2010 MLB Draft

Say what? I thought the draft was over. Indeed it is. Keith Law tweets that the Braves have signed second-round pick Andrelton Simmons... as a shortstop. Simmons was considered the best defensive shortstop in the entire 2010 draft class, but the Braves selected him as a pitcher, where he has been clocked in the 95 to 98 MPH range.

Simmons hinted that he has a desire to play in the field, and he was extremely raw as a pitcher, so the Braves must have relented and agreed to sign him as a shortstop. While he is a plus-plus defender at short, his bat is apparently not that good, and like his pitching would have, he will need to put in a lot of work in the hitting department.

This means the Braves used their first three picks this year on position players, and six of their first seven picks on position players. Two of their first three picks are also shortstops.

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