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Win A Book This Week

As a special contest this week, I have a copy of the book Beyond Batting Average, written by Lee Panas, to give away. We'll use the Rays vs. Braves series as the series to run the promotion. To arrive at the winner we will use a crazy formula in which you will have to guess three players (two hitters and one pitcher). Here is the formula and a picture of the book:

Formuala_medium   320_medium

So you will need to list two hitters and a pitcher in the comments of this post by the time tonight's game starts, and we'll take their totals from the Rays vs. Braves series to determine the winner. The players you pick can only be Atlanta Braves players. Highest number wins, and the pitcher has to pitch and the batter has to have an at-bat or the entry is disqualified.

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