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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Holds Steady Yet Again

If the name of the game is winning series, then the Braves have made a habit out of that. The team has won or tied the last 12 series in a row, dating back to the second week of May. That good and consistent play has not gone unnoticed by the fans, as the Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Poll essentially held steady for the third straight week.

The poll had ascended to 82% confidence two weeks ago, then dropped slightly to 80%, but rebounded again this week back to 82%. This means the fan confidence has essentially held stead for the past two weeks. We could also look at it as a flattening out, perhaps the reaching of a ceiling of sorts.

If the confidence level is to go any higher, I believe the Braves will need to put some distance between them and the second place team in the NL East. If that occurs, then the fans will likely have more confidence in the team. As it stands now, though, this is the most prolonged era of fan confidence in the past two years, since the poll began. That says something about the quality baseball the Braves are currently playing.


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