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Braves Quote For The Day... Home Field Advantage

Jeff Sullivan points out that the Braves have a favorable record for the remainder of the season:

Each team plays 81 games on its own turf, and 81 games on someone else's. It's something that you generally only care about over smaller samples, like a single game or a single series, where one team spends less time at home than the other.

But it's with this in mind that I'd like to point out that the NL East-leading Braves have played just 31 of their 72 games at home. 31, or 43.1%.

At the 72-game mark, the average team will have 45 remaining home games and 45 remaining road games. The Braves have 50 and 40. The rival Mets, meanwhile, have 45 and 46, while the rival Phillies have 47 and 46.

That's a nice mini-advantage, but I'd like the Braves to be a team that does not care where they play, they can win anywhere.

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