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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence At Highest Ever (But That Was Before The Sweep)

It might be hard for some fans to think back to last weekend when the Braves had just swept the Royals, had won five in a row, and controlled a two and a half game lead in the NL East. This led the fan confidence, which had been above 80% for the past month, to jump to its highest ever mark of 86% this week.

But that was last weekend. The Braves will have a tough road ahead of them as they come back home this week to face the Tigers after having been swept by the ChiSox. Their bats will have to exit their state of hibernation, and the weak links in their rotation will have to turn it around.

The Braves may consider another lineup change, and move Omar Infante into the number-2 spot behind Martin Prado, while moving Jason Heyward down to the sixth or seventh spot in the lineup. While Heyward still has a .371 on-base percentage for the season, his June OBP is below. 300, and he is mired in a prolonged slump. Moving him down in the order may take some pressure off of him and allow him to regain the All-Star form he showed in May.


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