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Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 6/26

Gwinnett 2, Columbus 8

  • M. Young 2-4 2B, BB, .303 Avg
  • M. Diaz 1-3
  • D. Hernandez 2-4 K, .357 Avg
  • W. Timmons 1-4 HR(2), .284 Avg
  • J. Schafer 1-4 K, .220 Avg
  • M. Dunn 1IP 0H 0R 1BB 2K .76 ERA
  • C. Kimbrel 1IP 0H 0R 1BB 2K 1.13 ERA

Tim Gustafson gave up 7 runs in the 1st inning and the fantastic Gwinnett bullpen gave up just 1 run for the next 7 innings with just 4 hits allowed and 7K. Jordan Schafer gunned a runner down at 3B which makes me a little happy knowing that his D is still spot on. Matt Diaz made a rehab start today and we may need him back soonish if Heyward is going to be out.

Mobile 10, Mississippi 2

  • W. Cabrera 2-5 SB(5), .314 Avg
  • M. Gomez 3-4 2B, RBI, .258 Avg
  • C. Rodriguez 1-4 2B, RBI, K, .208 Avg

When Mississippi uses both Richard Sullivan and Jake Thompson in the same game you know two things - 1. You are going to see a lot of groundballs 2. You are going to see a lot of runs. The two of them gave up 9 runs in 7 innings (granted 8 from Thompson) and got 11 ground outs. Mississippi's offense just isn't good enough to come back from that kind of deficit, especially when facing a pitcher with a sub-2.00 ERA.

Myrtle Beach 6, Potomac 8

  • My. Jones 2-5 K, PO, .362 Avg
  • T. Jones 2-4 HR(5), 2 RBI, .262 Avg
  • D. Nelson 2-3 HR(6), 2 RBI, .274 Avg
  • R. Delgado 5IP 5H 5R 1BB 4K 2.76 ERA

Randall Delgado had his worst start of the season after having 6 days off. All of the damage came in 2nd inning when Delgado hit the leadoff man, walked the next batter, and then gave up a triple single and homer. He then proceeded to strike out the next two batters and induce a groundout. Outside of that inning he allowed just 2 other batters to reach base. I love that he can just bounce back from a rough inning like that.

Rome 6, Lexington 10

  • P. Gosselin 1-3 2B, BB, K
  • B. Schlehuber 1-1 RBI, BB, SB(1), .213 Avg
  • M. Weaver 2-2 2B, RBI, BB, .223 Avg
  • C. Brewer 5.2IP 8H 3R 3BB 3K 1.66 ERA

This Rome team has to be one of the worst fielding teams in the minors. They racked up 5 more errors today and while only 2 runs were unearned errors still have a trickle down effect on the entire game that doesn't necessarily show up in the box score. 2010 5th round draftee Phil Gosselin made his professional debut for Rome tonight and for the most part it was successful. He profiles as a doubles hitter who could play multiple positions (but 2B is where he is going to stick) and will probably move quickly if his bat plays out.

Danville 9, Bluefield 2

  • R. Flores 2-4 3 RBI, K, .333 Avg
  • R. Brooks 1-5 3B, 2 RBI, K, .100 Avg
  • B. Kleinknecht 1-5 HR(1), K, .238 avg
  • A. Odreman 3-4 RBI, BB, K, .455 Avg
  • D. Filak 3IP 0H 0R 3BB 3K
  • T. Stovall 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 2K

Danville improves to 5-0 on the season and it appears just about everyone on the team can hit the ball. Also I do not know how I missed a Robert Brooks sighting over the last few days. Brooks is a 2B who had an impressive debut with the Braves in 2008 in the GCL after the Braves took him in the 20th round of the draft that season. Brooks missed all of 2009 with an injury and made his season with Danville on June 22. He is already 22 years old so if he is going to do anything he needs to do it quick.

GCL Braves 5, GCL Pirates 2

  • W. Beckwith 2-5 .300 Avg
  • E. Sanchez 2-4 2B, K, .417 Avg
  • W. Rivera 1-3 HR(1), 2 RBI, BB, .316 avg

Edison Sanchez moved back to 3B today and put together a solid game. I would really like to know what we have with this kid. A 19 year old 3B who has shown good power and the ability to take a walk would appear to be a solid prospect to me. His listed 6'4" frame is another aspect that you have to be excited about (as a baseball fan...) though it may mean he grows out of 3B at some point.

DSL Braves - Off Day

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