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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Poll

"Where the where is the confidence poll," you might ask. Our little Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Poll has been "borrowed" by SB Nation... for all the SB Nation team sites (that have regional hubs). That's right, our FCP was so successful for the past two years that the powers that be noticed it and adopted it network wide. (Not that it was really my idea, mind you, I "borrowed" it myself.)

So where is it? It's not in this post, you'll have to go to the Talking Chop front page and look on the left just under the logo. Slide that little bar to the appropriate level and click OK. There is an added element of suspense now since you won't be able to see any results until later in the week.

Another added element is that there will be FCP's for every Atlanta team blog. So if you liked or hated the Hawks or Thrasher's draft, head over to Peachtree Hoops and Bird Watchers Anonymous and vote in their polls (and go to SB Nation Atlanta for full coverage of both drafts). The results will be tallied on SB Nation Atlanta. (And I've been told that all of our old results for the Braves will get loaded in to the poll and the graph.)

Update... as I scroll to the bottom of the editor page. I have the option to include it in this post... but that would be too easy right? If you're viewing this post on its own, then you will see the poll in the post, if you're viewing it from the front page, then it will be on the left. Oh well, just note that it will always be available to you on the left. Technology.

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