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Get Off My TV Set

I've been debating saying anything about the douche in the white shirt behind homeplate last night who kept making a complete ass out of himself (and Braves Nation). It's kind of like the decision that TV stations make when they don't show fans who run on the field in a drunken frenzy -- the point is not to point out the jerk-like behavior so as not to encourage any more of it.

Then NBC Sports Hardball Talk decided to talk about the train wreck:

Before most pitches by Strasburg he would stand up with his arms out, or up or waving or whatever in an attempt to distract him. After pitches by either pitcher -- called strikes by Strasburg and balls by Tim Hudson, mostly -- he would stand up with his hands on his head or his arms out in a "safe" motion or a "c'mon, WTF?!" motion or some other random and distracting gesticulation. He was quite a sight.

I wasn't alone in noticing this: people all over Twitter were commenting on it. One Nats fan told me that the Washington announcer mentionined the guy, saying "You're in a $300 seat. Act like a man." By the seventh inning he cooled it a bit as someone apparently complained and an usher warned him, but he didn't stop completely.

I guess in posting this I'm hoping that we can dissuade other fans (and this fan) from repeating such idiotic behavior. I'm really hoping that the CEO of whatever company that gave him those seats makes sure that he gets no more of those seats. Heck, give me the seat so I can hold up a sign that says "Talking Chop Rulez," the entire game. (Seriously, if anyone would like to donate their Sun Trust Club seats to poor ol' me, I'd be your bestest friend for a night.)

Anyway, feel free to absolutely bash this guy. (I'm sure there was plenty of that in the OT last night.) Anyone who ever acts like that from this blog will be banned... and if that guy is a member here... banned.


Thanks to Dave_D for the photo, via

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