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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Surges!

The Atlanta Braves fan confidence went up for the third straight week... and why shouldn't it? The Braves have won nine straight and rocketed to a 3-game lead in the NL East. It's a very different view from the top of the division -- some place the Braves have not been this late in a season for some time.

On May 10th, the fan confidence rating was at a season low of 49%. The Braves were in last place, and four games under .500. They played good ball for the next week and the fan confidence rose to 68%, but Atlanta was still in last place in the NL East, and two games under .500.

Fast forward to last week, when the Braves had finally climbed over .500 and were in the middle of the division standings; the fan confidence rose to 73%. Nine straight wins later and we find ourselves in an old familiar place leading the NL East, with a fan confidence of 82%, the highest it's been since the start of the season.

Enjoy this while it lasts... hopefully it will last, and last...


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