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Announcing Another New Addition To Talking Chop

It is my please to welcome another new team member to Talking Chop, who will be joining Scott (mvhsbball) and Jacob (pacgnosis) in the series coverage rotation. He's hitting the ground running later today with the Braves-Diamondbacks series preview. Here is a short bio on Ben Duronio, the newest addition to Talking Chop:

I'm a Braves follower exiled in New York. I first started watching the Braves thanks to moving a decent amount as a kid and TBS. I'm a recent graduate from St. John's University and will be attending St. John's again this fall as I attempt to earn my M.B.A. in finance.

I've been writing about the Braves for a little over two years and also do a lot of mixed martial arts articles throughout the web, and I have even been credentialed for professional fights on national television as well as having interviewed fighters such as Chuck Liddell and Josh Koscheck.

I'm a numbers guy, so expect my analysis to be more stats driven than anything. Go Braves!

I'm excited to have Ben on board, as it will give me a little extra time to work on other things (more on that in a couple of weeks... hint, and big f-in hint).

In other new news, we're going to try a new daily feature here at Talking Chop starting today -- Braves Minor League Open Threads. For those times when it's necessary to talk about the kids on the farm, I'll be posting a thread each day this week, and we'll see what the response is -- so tell me if you like it or not. As you will see, it will include some additional features that should be pretty cool.

Speaking of open threads. I'll also be putting one up later today for the MLB First Year Player Draft, which starts at 7pm tonight. The Braves only have one pick, but it should still be exciting. Threads will also be up the next two days to discuss the draft if you wish. In addition, as Talking Chop always does, we'll have analysis on every Braves pick throughout the next three days.

Until then... Go Braves!

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