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MLB Draft Open Thread: Day 1

The MLB First Year Player Draft is finally here, and in Prime Time! The draft starts at 7pm, with a pre-draft show at 6pm on the MLB Network. The Braves have one pick tonight, the overall number-35 selection, which is in the supplemental first round. If you have not yet heard, Atlanta had to surrender their first-round pick to Boston because they signed Billy Wagner. The Braves got the 35th pick as compensation for the Orioles signing of Mike Gonzalez (their first round pick was protected, but the Braves do get their second-round pick).

For those of you who want some massive in-depth information on the kids who get drafted, go to MLB Bonus Baby (SB Nation's MLB Draft Blog -- yes, SB Nation covers everything) and pick up your copy of their 2010 MLB Draft Notebook. It's 755 profiles (nice number!), and draft profiles for all 30 teams, for only $9.99. It's also a good way to support independent scouts like Andy Seiler who put the book together. It's via PDF, so if you buy it today, you'll have it today.

If you'd like, in the comments go ahead and toss out your guess for who you think the Braves will pick at number-35. Even though a lot of people have him going at the end of the first round and not lasting into the supplemental round, I'm going go out on a limb and say that Cam Bedrosian will fall to the Braves at 35. Even though the Braves say they're going to focus on bats, they won't be able to pass up little-Bedrock if he's still on the board.

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