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Recapping the Braves 2010 Draft: Day 3, Part 1

Pitcher Stephen Foster enjoys mixed martial arts in addition to baseball.
Pitcher Stephen Foster enjoys mixed martial arts in addition to baseball.

Day three of the draft saw the Braves take the usual longshots, though there are some interesting selections, and some player who could be good finds late in the draft.

Jack Reinheimer (31st round, 944 overall), SS - A prep high school shortstop who is a top recruit for ECU. He continues a Braves' trend in this draft of selecting a lot of middle infielders, but he's raw and isn't likely to sign.

Ryan Delgado (32nd round, 974 overall), C - He's a Senior from the improbably named Azusa Pacific University in California. He played a lot of third base there, but the Braves take him as a catcher. As a Senior I assume he'll sign, and he is yet another college catcher taken in this draft by Atlanta.

Albert Minnis (33rd round, 1004 overall), LHP - Ranked as the 11th-best prospect in Kansas, and prep standout in the Lawrence area. This is a classic Braves draft selection of a high school lefty-hander with good projection and good pitchabilty. He would be an interesting, but tough sign.

Matthew Fouch (34th round, 1034 overall), LHP - He's a Senior collegiate pitcher, but he's a graduate of West Point, so I assume he has a military service commitment. Drafted so low, I wouldn't think he would leave that commitment for a chance at baseball. Here is a nice interview with him.

Kenneth Swab (35th round, 1064 overall), C - Here's a change, the Braves take a Junior college catcher, not a Senior catcher. Swab is a highly thought of backstop out of Virginia, though some thought he might go in earlier rounds. His playing time was limited, so he may choose to return for his Senior season and raise his draft stock. The Braves are probably very familiar with him from his time at Young Harris Junior College.

Jarred Frierson (36th round, 1094 overall), OF - Frierson is an all-around athlete, and while he's listed as an outfielder, he also played some infield. He's also a switch-hitter with a little pop. He's a Senior out of UNLV, so he may get a look by the Braves, and he could prove a versatile player throughout the organization (if he can hit), especially if the Braves are trying to build organizational depth.

Kollin Dowdy (37th round, 1124 overall), OF - A prep outfielder with speed and power, he's also a linebacker in football. He plays tremendous defense, and his frame gives him plenty of room to grow. He's likely to choose college and increase his draft stock.

Jacob Wark (38th round, 1154 overall), 1B - Another two-sport prep star, this time out of Oregon. He is a football tight end recruit and looks and acts the part. Here is what a football website had to say about him: "Every day, Jacob Wark comes home from school and baseball practice, he finishes his homework and flips a 250-pound tractor tire up a half-mile hill." I bet he could be a power hitting first baseman, but he'll probably choose college and football.

Stephen Foster (39th round, 1184 overall), LHP (pictured above) - In addition to baseball, this Community College Senior dabbles in mixed martial arts, a one-on-one type of mindset that he brings to the mound. He made the move from the rotation to the bullpen this year with great success, putting up a sub-1.00 ERA in 42 innings of work. He has expressed his desire to continue playing baseball, so he may get a chance with the Braves.

Ian Marshall (40th round, 1213 overall), RHP - A Senior pitcher from the University of Richmond, he is a former 15th-round (2005) draft pick of the New York Mets, but he did not sign. Two years ago he suffered an injury that caused him to sit out over a year and a half. He struggled his Junior year, but regained some of his form this year. He could be an interesting pick if he can continue to come back from injury.

I'll have the rest of the Braves picks tomorrow.

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