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Off-Day Chatter: The Best Combo in Baseball

Since Thursday is an off day, I figured Talking Chop's faithful readers could have a discussion about all of Major League Baseball, and not just our beloved Bravos. Perhaps if this thread is popular and sparks good debate, it could be a continuing thing on off-days.

Today's Off Day Chatter Topic: For the next 5 years, which team has the best hitter and pitcher combo?

There's really no rules for who you can pick. All you have to do is pick any team's combination of a hitter and pitcher. The players can be in either the Minor or Major leagues. Just keep in mind that you want the best combination for the next 5 years and not just the current year.

There are a ton of great answers here. Before you post, really think about it. I spent quite a bit of my Wednesday night thinking about it and I still go back and forth. Which combination of current teammates will be the best between now and 2015? It's a tough question.

I finally came up with an answer and it's the St. Louis Cardinals combination of Albert Pujols and Adam Wainwright. Pujols is the best hitter in the game and could go down as the best hitter of all time if he keeps his pace up. Wainwright has been incredible on the mound for St. Louis and only gets better as he enters his prime.

I really took into consideration the amount of time they've been dominate along with their durabilty. Both have been great for multiple seasons and neither has been very injury prone, besides a nagging injury or two over the years. Add this to the fact that Pujols will (amazingly) only be 34-years old and Wainwright will be 32 when the 5-year span is over, and I have my answer.

It's really close though. A great case could be made for the Braves (Hanson and Heyward), Rockies (Jimenez and Tulowitzki), Nationals (Strasburg and Zimmerman), Tigers (Verlander and Cabrera), Marlins (Johnson and Ramirez), Dodgers (Kershaw and Ethier), and Rays (Price and Longoria), along with others. Like I mentioned above, there's really no right or wrong answer here.

Which combination would you pick?

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