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Atlanta Braves Fan Confidence Stumbles After Sweep By ChiSox

Yes, the Atlanta Braves may have had two series wins since being swept by the White Sox, but that sweep was still fresh in the minds of the fans, and it affected the fan confidence. The FCP dipped below 80% to 77% for the first time since May, as it had previously spent all of June in the 80s.

It was an understandable drop, and the sweep was quite a blow to a team that had been cruising for so long, but that sweep and the two hard-fought series wins since then may be evidence that the Braves do indeed need some more help on their team. Certainly getting Jair Jurrjens back and removing Kenshin Kawakami from the rotation will help, but getting Matt Diaz and Nate McLouth back from the DL may not be enough to boost the offense.

In the lead-up to the All-Star break the Braves will face every NL East team once (they have already faced the Nationals). The Marlins come to town next, then the team goes to Philly and finally New York, where they end the first half. How the Braves play in these next nine games will say a lot about this team, since Jason Heyward will be missing from the lineup. The Braves have a chance to put some distance between themselves and the rest of the division, on the other hand, they could also let a couple of other teams slip ahead of them.

It's going to be a tough, but fun nine games.


Note:  We did indeed have some technical glitches with the newfangled interface on the fan confidence poll last Monday. Dare I say that some people feel a little less bewildered about Floridians circa 2000 than they did last week. The result of 77% was a bit of a "grade on a curve" kind of week for the FCP, as I had to make a command decision that the 67% the new poll kicked out was way off base due to some hanging chads... I never knew so many old people read my blog...

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