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Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 7/23

Unimpressive Stat of the Night: Starting pitching for the Braves farmhands tonight: 21.2 IP - 36 Runs allowed. Not all of them were earned, but that is still just dumb.

Louisville , Gwinnett 4

  • G. Blanco 2-5 2K, SB(9), .294 Avg
  • W. Timmons 2-5 2B, .298 Avg
  • F. Freeman 1-3 BB, K, .292 Avg

Jose Ortegano got hammered in 4 innings and the offense never caught back up. Wes Timmons has 2+ hits in 4 of his last 5 games and has his season OPS up over .800 now. I'm not going to forever beat the drum about this guy, but hey, Chipper is supposed to be retiring after the season right? C'mon, give the Wes a shot!

Tennessee 12, Mississippi 5

  • T. Pastronicky 1-3 BB, .308 Avg
  • E. Duncan 3-4 2B, HR(5), .287 Avg
  • W. Cabrera 1-4 2B, 2 RBI, K, .327 Avg

Another bad starting performance as Kyle Cofield surrendered 6 runs in just 2.2 innings of work and Richard Sullivan did his best to match Cofield with 5 runs allowed in 3.1 innings. Tyler Pastronicky continues to impress me in his short stint with the Atlanta organization. Willie Cabrera has impressed me enough.

Myrtle Beach 5, Frederick 8

  • M. Jones 2-5 HR(3), 2K, PO, .294 Avg
  • C. Harrilchak 2-5 K, .281 Avg
  • LV Ware 3-4 HR(2), 2 RBI, .264 Avg

What is going on with our minor league starting pitching tonight? Brett Oberholtzer lasted just 4 innings and gave up 8 earned runs on 10 hits. That is 22 earned runs allowed by starters so far tonight. In other news CB rejoices as his boy, L.V. Ware, had himself a game at the plate.

Lexington 5, Rome 6

  • P. Gosselin 3-4 3B, RBI, K, .333 Avg
  • RSF 3-4 K, .304 Avg

Chris Masters continues the trend of poor pitching tonight giving up 5 runs in 5 innings though just 2 of his were earned. Edward Salcedo had another rough night going 0-4 and committing 2 more errors giving him 11 in Rome so far. Phil Gosselin has been quietly chugging along as one of the best hitters on the Rome Braves with 4 multi-hit games in his last 8 with 6 XBH during that span. His plate discipline isn't quite what I would expect out of a college hitter but I really like everything else so far. I love our INF depth all of a sudden.

Johnson City 12, Danville 5

  • B. Kleinknecht 3-4 2B, HR(3), .290 Avg
  • E. Gattis 1-3 HR(2), 2 RBI, 2K, .378 Avg
  • J. Dalfonso 1-1 2B, RBI, .339 Avg

Robert Pacheco was the starter for Danville in this game and he last just 1.2 innings while giving up 5 earned runs. Barrett Kleinknecht wasn't hitting anything till about 7 games ago. Since then he has hit safely in every game and has 2 HR and 5 2B in that span. He is a little old for the league so I expect him to do well but he still hasn't taken a walk in 70 ABs this season.

GCL Yankees 12, GCL Braves 5 - 8 Innings

  • M. Lipka 1-5 3B, 3 RBI, .340 Avg
  • C. Johnson 2-4 HR(2), 2K, CS(1), .294 Avg
  • D. Falcon 2-4 K, SB(5), .480 Avg

Another poor outing for a starting pitcher puts the Braves behind the 8 ball. Matt Lipka has a good game even when he has a bad game and Danny Falcon continues to show that he doesn't belong in the GCL. But if you look at his Appy stats he didn't really belong there either. It is good to see Cody Johson back doing his thing among his peers. What? Cody played in the GCL 3 years ago? And he is still striking out in 35% of his ABs there? Must be a different guy. Ok so the caveat there is he has a .947 OPS in his 5 games, but still.

DSL Braves - Off

It wouldn't have mattered if they were scheduled with that tropical storm down there.

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