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Things Read in Other Moms' Basements - Around the NL East 07.31.10


Ahh, with the trade deadline literally hours away from the time that this will post, watch there be about ten notable stories that happen between the time that I'm typing this right now, and when this week's TRIOMB goes live, and I'm off in slumberland, unable to report it.

Otherwise, this has been a little bit of a trying week for Braves baseball - simply put, my limited observation is seeing the obvious sign of Braves struggles starting with Martin Prado's inconsistencies lately; when he doesn't hit, the Braves lose, when he gets his multi-hit games, the Braves likely win. Not going to lie that I'm not a little bit concerned with the Phillies' moves and their typical hot Septembers, but I'm still in it for the long haul.

Welcome back to another week of Things Read in Other Moms' Basements.


Roy Oswalt traded to the Phillies - ESPN
It's official. Roy Oswalt is headed to the Phillies, and now they've got a lineup headlined by both Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt. When the two of them are at the top of their game, it just doesn't seem fair, does it? But he debuts with a big fat loss in his first start as a Phillie, giving up 5R (4ER) on 7H (4XBH) in 6.0 IP.

Phillies and Astros awaiting Oswalt's decision to proceed with trade - MLB
The basic gist of the deal is that the Phillies get Roy Oswalt and some cash for J.A. Happ and prospects. The only hold up is Roy Oswalt himself, who has a no-trade clause, and has to approve it. Not quite sure what the hold up is at this point, considering with consecutive losses, there's pretty much no way to pass Joe Niekro's record for the Astros' all-time wins leader, when there's a team in a pennant race who really wants him. Wait, ESPN reports that Oswalt plans to okay the deal.

Shane Victorino to DL with oblique injury, top-prospect Domonic Brown called up - MLB
And in his first at-bat, he hit a three RBI homer double, and the long-waiting home crowd exploded with a standing ovation. He finished his debut game going 2-for-3, with the RBI and two runs scored. The NL East youth movement is complete, with every team in the division having called up their stud prospects this year. Meanwhile, Shane Victorino will likely be out for almost three weeks.

Phillies also interested in Fausto Carmona -
Aside from Jayson Werth, I'm not quite sure who the Phillies have left of any note that would make interesting trade chips to Cleveland for Carmona, in an attempt to further bolster their starting rotation.

Jamie Moyer not going to have surgery, but likely done for remainder of year - MLB
Considering how surprisingly effective he has been all year long, I am sorry for Moyer's misfortune. But I am glad that the Braves will not have to face him anymore this year.

Ryan Howard to impersonate B.A. Baracus on Retro Night -
Wow. Words cannot express.



Stephen Strasburg to DL for shoulder inflammation - MLB
When I was in Chicago last weekend, I saw a guy wearing an authentic Strasburg jersey - at a Cubs vs. Cardinals game. And then the next day when I was in Milwaukee, watching the Nats taking BP, I noticed Strasburg heading back to the dugout way before all the other pitchers were. And then I come home on Tuesday to find out that Strasburg was obviously afraid of another beating at the hands of the Braves and inevitable fear of facing Jason Heyward, and claimed injury. But in reality, he's suffering some inflammation in the shoulder, and the ever-protective Nats put him on the DL to recover. Wouldn't be surprised if they shut him down at this rate. Replacing Strasburg in the lineup is the artist formerly known as John Lannan.

Matt Capps traded to Minnesota for Wilson Ramos - MLB
What'd I tell yous? Capps says he wants to stay in Washington is like his condemning. But this could be a win-win for the both teams, or at least for the interim for Minnesota. The Twins need a real closer, and they don't really need a catcher, so the Nationals trade them their best impression of a real closer in Capps, for prized catching prospect Wilson Ramos, since Jesus Flores is pretty much dead, Pudge Rodriguez is not going to last forever, and no team should have Wil Nieves as a starting catcher. Also going to Washington is LHP Joe Testa.

Cristian Guzman traded to Texas for two pitching prospects - MLB
Wow, I think this is a total win for the Nationals here. The Rangers needed some middle-infield depth with Ian Kinsler going down, which Guzman can provide, but that's like replacing your reliable Honda Accord with a Geo Metro. Additionally the Nationals can shed a pro-rated part of Guzman's expensive $8M salary. In exchange, the Nationals get two AA-level starting pitching prospects in Ryan Tatusko and Tanner Roark.

U.S. Senator gripes about not getting to see Strasburg - WaPo
Kentucky senator Jim Bunning reacts in the conduct you'd hope from from U.S. Senators - mockery, whining, and complaining. Just read the article to see examples of his childish chicanery, all because he didn't get to see Strasburg.

Miguel Batista called out by Miss Iowa - MLB
Batista, who was forced into spot-starting for Jesus on Tuesday, had a bad analogy about how he was angrily received by the Washingtonians who were expecting Strasburg, saying that the fans were expecting Miss Universe, but got Miss Iowa instead. Well, apparently, Miss Iowa herself took objection to the poor analogy, and called out Batista in the paper. This is kind of like when nerds on the internet try to name drop famous nerds like Keith Law and Jeff Pearlman, and then the actually eventually google themselves, show up, and call out. Oh, and Miss Iowa is now going to be throwing out the first pitch; and Batista will probably catch. Crude sexual joke about later on that night.

Adam Dunn slapped on the wrist for wanting to see Bob Uecker - MLB
While I was in Milwaukee, I thought about what a shame it was that I couldn't actually listen to Bob Uecker call a game, since I was only there for a day. Apparently Dunn committed a cardinal sin for wanting to go see Uecker himself, while in full uniform, during the game. Oh yeah, he's still looking for that four-year deal he's hoping to get, but is willing to settle on a three-year deal if the price is right, but he'll probably end up getting traded anyway.

Comparing 2010 OPS guy with 2006 Alfonso Soriano - WaPo
I remember back in 2006, when the 40/40/40 HR/SB/2B Soriano was pretty much a lock to be traded. And then the deadline passed without a peep from the Nationals. Although Soriano left to the Cubs as soon as the year was over, the Nationals got two compesnatory picks as a result; one of them is Jordan Zimmermann, whom once healthy will, make the good 1-2 punch with he and Strasburg. If Dunn doesn't get moved, then it's pretty much not the end of the world for the Nationals, regardless of what people think.

Jordan Zimmermann continues rehab up to AA-Harrisburg - MLB
Despite giving up a ton of runs to a single-A team, the Nationals move Zimmermann up to AA to get his licks in before eventually making his way back to the big leagues.

Livan Hernandez wants to stay in Washington - WaPo
I don't get it - I used to live up there. It's an alright area, but the cost of living is ridiculous, the traffic sucks, and there isn't a whole lot of personality in the area. Racquetball joke.



Jorge Cantu traded to Texas Rangers for what else? Minor Leaguers - Miami Herald
Since Cantu was eligible for free agency, naturally the Fish trade him for cheap, controllable talent. Relief pitcher, Evan Reed and currently injured starting pitcher Omar Poveda. Good for Cantu, as he is thrust right into a playoff contender with the Rangers, and being a RHB, could utilize Arlington to his benefit.

Three unknown teams interested in Jorge Cantu - Miami Herald
I think he'll get traded, but I have to imagine his value at the moment is a little on the low side, so the Fish might not get back quite such equal value back for him if he's moved.

Chris Coghlan tears left-knee meniscus during post-game celebration - MLB
Kendry Morales sighs with relief knowing that he's not the only one to get hurt for excessive celebration. After the Fish walked off on us, courtesy of Wes Pujols, Chris Coghlan went a little overboard with the post-game pie, and ended up tearing the meniscus in his left knee, which will shelf him for anywhere around 6-8 weeks.

But that cleared the way for prospect Logan Morrison to get the call - MLB
Ready or not, here comes Logan. Once groomed to be the future first-baseman of the Marlins, he was simply outclassed during Spring Training by Gaby Sanchez. So there were ideas of moving him to second or the outfield, with thoughts of possibly replacing Dan Uggla once he skips town due to Jeffrey Loria's cheapness, but with Coghlan's injury, he's coming up to be in left-field. His debut was a unspectacular 1-for-4 performance, in a losing effort.

The Devil thinks trading him is the end of the Fish's season - Miami Herald

``I think I'm staying,'' Ross said Friday, ``unless they want to cash it in for the season. It would be cashing it in. It's fair to say.

Wow. I kinda see what he's trying to say, but it still comes off a little pompous and self-important. Just for humility, as well as the Braves not having to face Cody Ross any further, I hope he's traded to like, a non-contending AL team.

Dan Uggla ties for Marlins all-time HR record - MLB
With a blast against the Giants, Dan Uggla ties for Mike Lowell's mark of 143 HRs with the Marlins. Still plenty of time for him to surpass, and tack on until he's eventually jettisoned out of Florida.

Giants' Brian Wilson fined for shoes being too orange - Miami Herald
And the one crying foul was Marlins interim skipper, Edwin Rodriguez, who felt that his Wilson's gaudy orange shoes were "too bright." Wilson was fined $1,000 subsequently.

Maybe it's not the product on the field - Fish Stripes
But maybe the products available at the field. SunLiphinShark Stadium was recently ranked third-worst out of the 30 baseball parks, with 93% of the vendors in the park making critical health violations. Mental note to self when I eventually get to Miami next summer: Stick to the Cubans and mojitos outside of the park.



Carlos Beltran: Don't count us out yet - NY Daily News
Is this like all those years when Jimmy Rollins and Beltran would be flapping their gums about which one of their teams were the team to beat?

Jason Bay out for indeteriminable time with concussion - MLB
While out at Dodger Stadium, Jason Bay crashed face-first into the wall while robbing Jamey Carroll. He got up and played the rest of the game, as well as the next two games. He found out about the concussion in the worst way - while up at high altitude, on the plane ride back east, where he reported headaches. Nope, now he's been placed on the DL. Jesus Feliciano is recalled from the minors, and Jeff Francoeur will likely be a starter again in Bay's absence, with Pagan shifting to LF.

Mike Jacobs traded to Toronto for PTBNL - MLB
I didn't even know Jacobs was still with the org. When he got DFA'd I thought he refused it.

Rod Barajas to DL for oblique strain - MetsBlog
Replacing him on the roster is 34-year old journeyman Mike Hessman who could actually spell a day off for David Wright.

Why cut the hitting coach, pitching coach, or bench coach? Fire Oliver Perez - NY Daily News
This makes me laugh. It's good to know that more people realize that sacrificial lamb firings of tierciary coaching staff isn't always the best idea, especially when there's a useless pitcher with a very expensive contract sitting there instead who could open up a spot for a useful player.

Mets are hoping to acquire "Lightning in a bottle" - MetsBlog
Huh. "Kerry Wood" and "Chad Qualls" aren't exactly what I'd be envisioning in late-inning bullpen power relievers.

Mets about out on Ted Lilly and Brett Myers - MetsBlog
With the Mets floating in standings limbo, they're in the unenviable position of not being sure whether to be buyers or sellers. Is it really worth potentially giving up a good prospect for a mediocre pitcher that may or may not put the team over the top?

LOLMets - Manual decides to pitch to Albert Pujols in extra innings with base open - MLB
Can't say I would've done the same, no matter how good Matt Holliday was hitting in his previous ABs. If the game is on the line, and there a base open, I am walking Pujols, every time.

Mets one of two remaining franchises without no-hitter - MLB
I got a new smart phone not long ago, so I've been searching for interesting and useful apps to fill out my shortcut pages. One of the best things I downloaded was called "WSViolin," with the "WS" standing for "World's Smallest," which upon being executed, plays a sad violin tune for about seven seconds. Perfect app to bust out whenever there is some pointless whining or complaining going on.

Dwight Gooden to start Sunday vs. Arizona - the Apple
(Disclaimer: This is satire) Desperate for pitching help, the Mets tricked Dwight Gooden into signing a one-day contract "to retire as a Met," but with full intention of getting their money's worth and thrusting him into starting against the Diamondbacks on Sunday. When asked how this could be, manager Jerry Manual had this to say:

"The guy is a former Cy Young Award winner. I don't see how that can hurt us.", said Manuel. "Plus we get to have Takahashi back in the pen full time."

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