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More On The Injury To Braves Third Baseman Chipper Jones

The Braves have just made the news of Chipper Jones' injury official. A team press release just confirmed that he has a torn ACL and that surgery is required. Recovery time is about six months, meaning Chipper will miss the rest of the 2010 season.

Today on the MLB Network Radio channel on SIRIUS XM, hosts Jim Duquette and Kevin Kennedy spoke with Chipper Jones' agent, BB Abbott, about Jones' knee injury. The quoted sections below are Abbott's responses:

"[Chipper] was told that he has a substantial injury in his ACL. It was described as a pretty major stretching and Dr. Royster thought he had a tear in his ACL. He kind of indicated to him that it would probably be something that needed to be fixed immediately. And obviously Chipper has injured that knee before back in '94 and it was, I think, a much more substantial tear at that point. But there is definitely a substantial injury in his knee and it is in his ACL. I think at least the initial diagnosis is that it is something that would probably need to be repaired immediately."

On whether they would seek a second opinion:

"Chipper has a tremendous amount of respect for Dr. Royster. That being said, obviously getting a couple more sets of eyes on it is never a bad thing and it's something that we always encourage our players to do. I'm flying up to Atlanta today. I'm going to sit down with Chipper and his wife and we're going to kind of talk through it. ... It might be something where he gets somebody else, like a Dr. Andrews, to take a look at it but like I said he has tremendous respect and admiration for Dr. Royster who did surgery on his knee before. That's why he wanted to get back to Atlanta to get in front of him so he could take a look at it."

On what this could mean for Jones' future:

"Obviously he has two years left on his contract. It's not a secret that he was considering what he was going to do and really talking that through with his family and with people he's close to. I think it's just going to be a situation to where he has to take all this in and process it. He usually is a pretty thoughtful guy when it comes to decisions like this and that's why he backed off of any kind of statements that he had made, just kind of looking and seeing where the team was at the point and knowing it was Bobby [Cox]'s last year and things of that nature. I think that's why he backed off of making any statements one way or the other about his retirement. Obviously this is going to factor into it but the way he was swinging the bat lately and I think that he had a little sense of renewed invigoration for the game and for where he was and where the team was. Obviously it's a very good team. I just can't imagine he would want to go out this way but sometimes these things happen and he understands that more than anyone. It's just ironic that it starts in '94 with this and hopefully it doesn't end that way for him."

Frank Wren will be talking to the press at 4pm, so we may have some more information about the team's direction after that press conference.

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