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The Day After

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If we have seen the last of Chipper Jones, then we've seen some pretty good years. With the help of Baseball Reference I have compiled some fun facts about Chipper.

Chipper Jones home run facts:

  • 436 career HRs against 299 different pitchers
  • Most HRs against Steve Trachsel (7), second most (6) against Randy Johnson and Shane Reynolds
  • Most road HRs at, where else, Shea Stadium (19)
  • Most HRs against a team, actually the Phillies (45) followed closely by the Mets (44)
  • He has one 3-HR game, and 38 2-HR games
  • He hits more HRs in the first inning (77) than any other inning, hits the fewest HRs in the second inning (21)
  • His first career HR (a solo shot) came off of Josias Manzanillo of the ... wait for it ... New York Mets on May 9th, 1995 ... wait for it ... as the go-ahead run in the top of the ninth to win the game
  • He has six career grand slams
  • He has seven career walk-off HRs

All-time career ranks for Chipper:

  • 30th in OPS (46th in OBP, 41st in SLG)
  • 69th in runs scored
  • 31st in runs created
  • 94th in hits
  • 57th in doubles
  • 37th in home runs
  • 3rd in home runs by a switch hitter
  • 52nd in RBI
  • 25th in walks
  • 34th in intentional walks
  • 112th in strikeouts
  • 40th in extra base hits
  • 51st in total bases

He is the only switch hitter in Major League baseball history to have a career .300 average and hit at least 300 home runs.