Would you deal Kawakami for Chone Figgins?

Dave Cameron of USS Mariner and Fangraphs suggests that with Chipper injured, it might be worth revisiting the idea of a Figgins deal to the Braves, and that a Figgins-Kawakami deal could make sense for both sides. For the M's, he argues that such a move would make sense given the team's collapse this year -- signing Chone was a good move for a team that had hopes of sneaking into the playoffs, but if 2011 is going to be a rebuilding year, then he has a lot less value to the franchise going forward. For the Braves, he figures Chone would have much more immediate value (and if Chipper does come back, you can always move him to another position, so there wouldn't be a logjam); obviously his contract isn't insignificant, but a) if he returns to his previous form (and he's been hitting well this past month), he's worth it, and b) if the M's take Kawakami's contract, that reduces the hit for this year and next. Since Cox obviously doesn't trust Kawakami, it wouldn't seem to be much of a loss for y'all -- but whatever you think of him, he's clearly better than at least three of the starting pitchers we've been using this season, so he'd help us.

Thoughts? Does this sound like a reasonable idea from an Atlanta perspective? Come on by USSM and let us know what you think, if you would; we'd appreciate it.

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