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Stefan Sabol Leaning Towards Signing With Braves

The Atlanta Braves have until midnight tonight (Eastern Time) to reach agreements with any of their unsigned draft picks from this year's First Year Player Draft. It has already been a banner year for amount of talent signed, as the Braves have wrapped up 34 of their 51 draft picks.

Two big picks remain unsigned though. The highest unsigned pick is 17th-round selection Stefan Sabol. He was considered top-round talent who fell in the draft, and the Braves picked him late and have followed him in the West Coast League this summer. They are now apparently putting on the full court press in an effort to sign the talented prep player. Sabol is committed to The University of Oregon, and their head coach has his doubts that he'll ever see him in a Ducks uniform:

Sabol, a catcher taken in the 17th round by the Braves, "sounds like he’s leaning toward signing," Horton said entering the weekend.

Sabol is the highest Atlanta selection unsigned, and the Braves "are making a run at him. … They’re offering him a significant amount of money," the UO coach added.

Wrapping up a talented player like Sabol would turn this 2010 draft for the Braves from a really good draft into one of the best drafts the team has ever had -- and this is taking into account the lack of a true first-round pick.

While this is excellent news about Sabol that many of us Braves fans have waited all summer for, one more under-draft player remains on the board. There is no word on whether the Braves will be able to lure talented second baseman Zach Alvord away from a commitment to Auburn. Alvord is the only player the Braves drafted this year from Georgia, so if they don't sign him, considering this draft a success without Atlanta signing any player from Georgia would be weird considering how the team has relied upon the state to fuel their drafts in years past.

Consider this an open thread to discuss any updated news about the Braves last minute signings. I will keep everyone updated if any news breaks about either of these guys.

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