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Braves vs. Rockies - Series Recap

So I was thinking about it, and I think that was arguably the most frustrating series of the year. Why? Because the Rockies are a good team, and maybe even a great team at home, and we had a good chance to win every game. As you know, we came up short all three times. Combine that with yesterday probably being the worst game I've watched since the meltdown in Philly last season and you have a pretty bad series. 

Game 1 Recap
Game 2 Recap
Game 3 "Recap"

The Good:

1. The Phillies fail at home - If it was the beginning of the week and I told you the Braves would be swept and the Phillies would be playing the Astros at home, what do you think would be the outcome would be in the standings? I'm guessing you'd say we wouldn't be in 1st place anymore. The Astros showed up to play, and are just a few outs away from a 4-game sweep. So we get swept, and we could possibly gain 0.5 games in the standings? Sweet.

2. Jason Heyward - 5-for-12, 3 BB, 2B, 3B; Welcome back, Jason.

3. Alex Gonzalez - 4-for-11, 2B, 4 RBI; Not many hitters showed up on Monday or Tuesday, but Gonzo did. Combine that with his solid defense in the entire series and he continues to be an improvement over Escobar.

4. Brian McCann - 6-for-10, 2B, 2 RBI; BMac also threw Carlos Gonzalez out in the 8th inning on Monday, but the umpire missed the call. It would've been a huge play from Heap, but the umpires wouldn't have any of it.

5. Martin Prado - 4-for-13, 2B, HR, 5 RBI; another fine series from Martin since breaking his knuckle.

The Bad:

1. The Bullpen - 6.2IP, 11H, 8R, 6BB, 8K; That's disgusting.

2. Derrek Lee - 2-for-13, 2 RBI, 5K; It's been a week now, and I'm not very impressed with Mr. Lee. Hopefully some home cookin' in Atlanta will heat his bat up. If not, well, maybe Troy gets his old job back once he comes off the DL.

3. Jair Jurrjens - 5.1IP, 5H, 7ER, 2BB, 4K; Not only is the line ugly, but he was given an enormous lead to protect and he blew it. I'm starting to think we should skip his starts on the road whenever we can. He's just not the same pitcher away from The Ted.

4. 9th Inning Umpiring - Apparently, Houston Street gets any pitch within a foot of the strike zone called a strike. Maybe it's the stupid Six Flags music they play during the ABs, or maybe it's the fat Dinosaur they have behind the plate, but the homeplate umpire's zone was huge for Street in both games.

5. Melky Cabrera - 1-for-9, 1RBI; basically a non-factor in any of the three games.

What's Next:

The Braves will host the Florida Marlins in Atlanta for a 3-game series. Thank heaven for The Ted. It looks like it'll be Volstad vs. Hanson in Game 1, Nolasco vs. Hudson in Game 2, and Josh Johnson (gulp.) vs. Derek Lowe (LOL) in game 3. 

Go Braves!

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