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Things Read in Others Moms' Basements - Around the NL East 08.07.10

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How interesting things are getting these days. The once comfy lead in the NL East down to a margin that is easily surmountable given any number of circumstances. Our powerless offense is oddly living on the longball lately, and LOBster is on the menu every night.  The tailing contender, with a lineup marred by injuries, and currently missing a spark plug, and two cylinders in their engine bay, but yet still chugging steadily behind, well within striking distance.

Not going to lie to you guys in regards to the scant number of links this week. I could give you all sorts of explanations of work, personal matters, and deciding to instead stay behind a computer, and going to BE ALIVE and enjoy the pleasures of the actual ballpark, but it's not going to be anything that isn't going to turn into fuel for you guys to attempt taking jabs at me anyway.

The reality is that I'm sitting in a Starbucks right now with a dwindling netbook attempting to get some stuff up before my battery dies, and more importantly, before it's time for the Tom Glavine #47 Retirement ceremony tonight. And so I don't have to worry about doing anything in the A.M. hours before I go to sleep.

Welcome back to another week of Things Read in Other Moms' Basements.


Easter comes on August 10th for the Nationals - MLB
Stephen Strasburg makes returns from the DL and makes his next start on Tuesday against the Fish. I only hope that he reaches his 150-160 IP limit before September when a bunch of us TCers are planning on meeting up in DC for the series against the Braves.

OPS guy is put on waivers - MLB
This isn't really that big of a deal because around this time every year, pretty much any player that could be put on waivers, is put on waivers. If any team(s) claim him, then there is a period of time in which the teams can negotiate out a trade, or pull Dunn off of waivers.

Nyjer Morgan put on the DL with hip problems - MLB
Taking his place in CF will be Roger Bernadinha, and taking his spot will be the gigantic Mike Morse.

If August 10th is Easter, than August 8th must be like Presidents Day - WaPo
A holiday that is sparesely recognized by the country, but is still put on calendars anyway. And it's also when Jason Marquis comes off the DL and makes his first start since like May. Strange how MLB calendars work, because he was put on the 15-day DL with those bone chips.

Collin Balester is apparently a head-hunter now - MLB
First it was Rickie Weeks, and now only days later, he has nailed Mark Reynolds in the head. Considering he debuted in 2008, and has spent this much time back and forth between the minors, you'd think he'd find some semblance to gaining control. I guess he was too busy pimping out his website instead of practicing.

Washington's future at 1B - WaPo
If the Nationals do not sign Dunn for a long term deal, if at all, here is the reason why - Chris Marerro, currently at AA-Harrisburg for the Nats. Having a solid year with the bat this year, some think he might be ready as soon as next year. But the reality is that he's still weak on the defensive side, and would certainly benefit from maybe another season in the minors.



Dan Uggla is Marlins all-time HR leader - MLB
At 144 HRs in a Marlins jersey, Dan Uggla surpasses Mike Lowell for the all-time franchise record for homers. Leave it to ESPN to bust out the fake stat, but Uggla is the first second baseman to ever lead a franchise in HRs.

Marlins jilted by umpires in controversial call - MLB
In an argument, there is always time to change your mind and see the other side. Except if you're an MLB umpire apparently. This culprit is "Balk-a-Day" Bob Davidson, who made a poor call on a Gaby Sanchez screamer clearly fair down the 3B line, which essentially cost the Marlins (and us) a win against the Phillies. Naturally, since in the world of umpiring the first call is the only call, and it stands.

Finkle, Einhorn and . . . Will Ohman? - Miami Herald
It's buried in this, but apparently the Marlins have acquired Will Ohman from the Orioles. For the hard-throwing Rick Vanden Hurk. And he's apparently a big Ace Ventura fan, having been spotted at the Miami aquarium, dressed as Ray Finkle, and being a noted fan of the film.

Chad Tracy signs with the Marlins - MLB
The versatile Tracy signs with the Fish to bolster their infield depth. A little important, now that they've lost Jorge Cantu, who also played both first and third. Funny too, because I just made a Chad Tracy joke the other week, while in Chicago.

Chris Coghlan not sure if he'll be back this season - Miami Herald
I think this really depends on the output of Logan Morrison, who currently, isn't really lighting any fires with his play, and making it fairly obvious that Gaby Sanchez was the right choice.



Mets hoping to extend Jose Reyes - MLB
If this were any other team than the Mets, I would imagine that they would use his recent injury history, and subsequent mired statistics as fuel to not give top dollar to the most electrifying player in baseball. But this also the team that somehow managed to defer $2M to Bobby Bonilla, and subsequently get put on the hook for like $22M in interest.

Jason Bay not close to returning from the DL - MLB
This should come as no surprise considering how long it took for Nate McLouth to return from the DL after his own concussion this year. Off the top of my head, the only two Mets opening day starters with significant playing time that have not seen the DL this year have been David Wright and Jeff Francoeur. Rod Barajas, Daniel Murphy, Luis Castillo, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and now Jason Bay have all seen the DL this year, and not for very small tenures, either.

Pedro Martinez says the Mets had a chance with him in 2009 but left him hanging - NY Daily News
Pedro also thinks that he would have been the stability that the Mets needed that year, but I don't think he's really complaining - after all, he got to pitch in two more World Series games by signing with the Phillies instead.

Carlos Beltran's advice to waggle bat leads to Francoeur GW HR - MLB
I get the impression that Francoeur is the type of guy who has to be reminded a lot of even the simplest things. So Carlos Beltran reminds him to make adjustments, and suggests he adjust by wagging his bat a little bit to help relieve some tension in his hands, and next thing you know he's hitting game-winners off of Billy Wagner.

I don't know he does it - NY Daily News
Greg Maddux is supposedly revered as the smartest player in baseball. His ability to outsmart batters, make mediocre teammates into above average, and is worthy of heaps of praise for all his career's accolades. But his Jedi mind tricks are nothing in comparison to Oliver Perez (Oh yeah, it IS that time of the week), who somehow has brainwashed the Mets into believing that it's better to keep him on the roster and eat an entire spot, instead of accepting a demotion, or how he avoids getting cut outright.

Oliver Perez addresses the masses (who hate him) - Can't Stop the Bleeding

"I wish I had a reality show," Perez said. "Then you could see how hard I’m working."

Which is easy fodder for Metstradamus - Metstradamus
Leave it to Metstradamus to branch out on little Ollie's words with viable simulations.

I love minor league baseball - Mets affiliate to light person on fire - NY Daily News
I'm seriously debating on whether or not it is worth the five hour drive to Savannah to see the Mets A-affiliates, the Sand Gnats on the 14th of August, when they plan on lighting a stuntman on fire for some convoluted reason. Actually, I'm not serious about it, although I've acted upon less serious thoughts before.




In case you didn't hear it the first 82 times in the game thread - MLB
Ryan Howard suffered a pretty moderate ankle sprain, is now on the DL. More injuries to the Phillies key players, now being on the DL at the same time as Utley and Victorino. So why aren't they losing??

Because of these guys - Phillies Nation
At the time of when this was written, the Phillies had 617 plate appearances by replacement players in 2010, which is a stark contrast to the 618 PAs by Ross Gloads in ALL of 2009.

Mike Sweeney joins the Phillies - MLB
Received from the Mariners for PTBNL. To think Sweeney made like 20 all-star games for being the one bright spot in all of Kansas City, now traded for tentatively nobody, what careers come to at towards the end. But regardless, it's a good opportunity for Sweeney, given the recent loss of Howard, and if there's one thing Sweeney could always do, was hit hard.

Great timing, Oswalt -
Roy Oswalt is going through a dead arm period right now, supposedly. This comes as no surprise, as Oswalt is usually quick to reach his mid-season form earlier in the season, but the thing is, he's got plenty of season left to snap right back out of it.

Uh, why? -
Proposed is an idea to platoon Victorino with Domonic Brown, when Victorino returns from the DL. Why? The obvious answer, at least to me, is replacing Raul Ibanez outright, if both Brown and Werth are still hitting well. Victorino might not have the power that Ibanez has, but for the most part hits both sides of the plate equally well.