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Atlanta Braves Postseason? Pace?

Somehow the Braves are still in the Wild Card lead by a half game, this time over San Francisco, not San Diego. I'm currently in full "I can't believe this" mode. I don't even want to talk about the somewhat tougher schedules that San Fran and San Diego have for the remaining week and half of the season. They play some tough teams and then they finish with each other. The Braves still have to win or risk missing out on the Wild Card.

National League Wild Card Standings

Atlanta 86 67 .562 0 Lost 3
San Francisco
85 67 .559 0.5 Lost 1
Colorado 82 69 .543 3 Lost 3

(updated 9.23.2010 at 8:23 AM EDT)

Yes the Wild Card. Last night's game pretty much sealed our fate to that avenue as the only path to the postseason. The Braves are lined up for the Washington series with their veteran ace starters facing young pitchers, so hopefully we can do what Philly did to us and beat up on the new guys.

Really, the only silver lining is that the Diamondbacks have cooled the Rockies. I was really concerned about the Rocks, but they seem to be (hopefully) fading.

Braves playoff chances dropped to 73 percent. I've whipped up a chart with the playoff odds for both the Braves and the Phillies as they fluctuated throughout the month of September:


The gray line on the 8th represents when the Phillies took over first place from the Braves. We are clearly headed in the wrong direction right now. Playoffs? You kidding me?

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