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Pictures From Atlanta Braves Rookie Camp

I made it out to the Braves Rookie Camp today and took tons of pictures. I lucked out since Bobby Cox showed up and gave the kids an impromptu pep talk. This looks like a really great program that the Braves are putting on for their top rookies. All the Major League coaches were there, and a lot of their top execs. There was a bit of a buzz around the field. Anyway, on to the photos. This first one is of (from left to right) John Schuerholz, Frank Wren, Bobby Cox, Terry McGuirk, and Fredi Gonzalez talking with David Rohm.


John Schuerholz addresses the players.

The assembled coaches listen in as Schuerholz speaks.

"Wait! That's Bobby Cox!"

It's weird seeing Cox not wearing a uniform.

Everyone lines up for the morning stretch.

Fredi Gonzalez walked around and talked to all the players while they were stretching.

Eddie Perez with Bobby and Fredi.

I need to eat some lunch, but I'll have more photos this afternoon, with shots of guys taking batting practice.

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